The Year of Yes, ep. 19: YES TO OUR HANDS


A reflection on hands. 

(& how grateful we ought to be.)


They tap.

They type.

They sign.

They scroll.

They freeze.

They warm.

They wave.

They flow.


They scratch.

They cut.

They rub.

They punch.

They clap.

They burn.

They pinch.

They snap.

They gesture.

They slap.


They touch.

They smudge.

They caress.

They print.

They grasp.

They grab.


They enter.

They push.

They wriggle.

They comb.

They poke.

They pick.


They bend.

They curve.

They vibrate.

They sleep.

They lock.

They hurt.


They swipe.

They read.

They write.

They draw.

They wear.

They feed.


They offer.

They feel.

They hold.


They heal.

🙌🏽 💛


The Year of Yes is a weekly photo-and-word installment by Dr. Shah written with the purpose of evoking hope, resilience, and a gentle movement toward healthy change in all of us.